Pastoral Care Week 2017
Hospitality: Cultivating Inclusion

Pastoral Care Week Frequently Asked Questions

Q. This is my first time celebrating Pastoral Care Week. Are there any people available that I can talk to for advice?

  • A. Yes.  The members of the Pastoral Care Week Committee are available to you and would be happy to hear from you.  You may email the committee at or send an email to Clyde Angel at -

Q. How can the celebration of Pastoral Care Week contribute to my institution?

    • A. Celebrating Pastoral Care week is an opportunity for you to recognize the important, often unrecognized, work and gifts of your pastoral care givers, whether they are clergy, chaplains or volunteers. It is also a means to educate your institution about the professional preparation expected of chaplains and the available pastoral care services.

Q. Who celebrates Pastoral Care Week?

    • A. All those who provide pastoral care to others, regardless of faith tradition, whether clergy or not, those who give pastoral care in specialized settings such as hospitals, prisons, businesses, industries, long term care facilities, pastoral counseling centers, hospices, military settings, nursing homes, congregations of sisters, priests and brothers, schools, universities, seminaries, etc.

Q. I am in charge of pastoral ministries at my parish church. Can I use your resources and products to celebrate at our parish?

    • A. By all means. Churches have used the occasion to honor their Pastors, Stephen Ministers, Eucharistic Ministers, Ministers to the Sick, Parish Nurses etc. It is a good opportunity to celebrate their contributions to pastoral care.

Q. The scheduled time for Pastoral Care Week is inconvenient for our community. Can we use your resources to celebrate another time?

    • A. Absolutely. It is for this very reason that we have left actual dates off the products. We encourage you to celebrate near the time if possible so that products are available and it makes some connection with the nationally scheduled event.

Q. Do I need permission to quote from the site?

    • A. All that the committee has created is at your disposal, e.g. Governmental Proclamation, Press Releases, some of the prayers and songs, the logo and
    • theme explanations. These you may use and adapt for your purposes.

Q. Do you have any products in French or Spanish?

    • A. Unfortunately we are not able to reproduce in all languages but you are welcome to download and adapt the logo to your language.

Q. We have changed the name of our department to Department of Spiritual Care. Can you provide more products with “Spiritual Care Week” on them?

    • A. We are attempting to accommodate this situation as far as is economically possible.

Q. Do you provide resources and materials for different faith traditions?

    • A. Pastoral Care Week is for all faiths and spiritualities. We attempt to include resources for all. We would welcome any suggestions from our member organizations to add to our content.