Pastoral Care Week 2017
Hospitality: Cultivating Inclusion

Press Release

Pastoral Care Week celebrations, October 22-28, 2017

Pastoral Care Week is proud to celebrate our 32st year from October 22-28, 2017.

Organizations and institutions throughout the world will recognize the spiritual needs of those we serve and the spiritual care given through professional chaplaincy and pastoral counseling within our communities. Chaplains, pastoral care counselors, educators and care providers will share in this year’s theme, “Hospitality: Cultivating Inclusion.”

Regardless of spiritual, religious or cultural background, Pastoral Care Week celebrates those who provide spiritual support to others.  It is supported by the Coalition On Ministry In Specialized Settings Network:  The Network on Ministries in Specialized Settings, whose members provide care in specialized settings such as hospitals, prisons, businesses, industries, long-term care facilities, pastoral counseling centers, hospices, military settings, nursing homes, corporations, congregations of sisters, priests and brothers, schools and universities throughout the world. 

Pastoral/spiritual care is important for peoples’ sense of identity as they find meaning in belonging to a common humanity and particular cultures. The idea of our sharing  a preciousness as human beings has found its source in religious, philosophical and societal communities.  Sadly for some, defining the "other" has been a desperate attempt to exclude those who are different.  Hospitality as practiced by so many cultures and religions breaks through walls of alienation and marginalization which deny human belonging. Welcoming, understanding, and celebrating the place of those who have been isolated makes for a wonderfully diverse expression of community. Cultivating (growing and nurturing) attitudes and actions of inclusion means that people are cared for as valuable members of the human family. 

Many institutions will celebrate Pastoral Care Week by honoring the work and gifts of pastoral/spiritual care givers locally and internationally, as well as the spiritual needs of those who serve.  Among the variety of celebrations will be hand-blessing ceremonies for health workers; open houses; poetry jams by clients; lecture series and luncheons.  Many resources are available, including governmental proclamations, artwork, and merchandise, at